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Thesis Proposal Ng Sad free essay sample

Advance in processing sciences and interchanges innovation makes new framework gives individuals new devices for conveying all through the world and for gaining information and experiences from data. Data innovation causes them sees how they influence the indigenous habitat and how they can secure it. It all the more compensating . It Improves the nature of medicinal services, makes the administration progressively responsive and available to the requirements of our resident. As individuals live on the planet where innovation is quickly advancing, and new disclosures are being made each day, open door increments. PC have become basic bit of hardware at home everywhere throughout the wolrd. Most of vocations in today’s society rotate around innovation. Virtual worlds have additionally make gigantic open doors for new training standards, for example, Information System. Foundation of the Study The National Service Training Program was additionally know as â€Å" An Act Establishing the National Service Training Program (NSTP) for Tertiary Level Students, Amending for the for the Purpose Republic Act No. We will compose a custom paper test on Postulation Proposal Ng Sad or on the other hand any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page 7077 and Presidential Decree no. 1706, and for other Purposes† or Republic Act No. 9163. It was marked into law in January 23, 2002 in the midst of the different calls of contradicting parts for its abrogation or change. The essential goal of the NSTP law is to advance the job of the young in country building. As such , it intends to urge the young to get municipal or potentially military pioneers and volunteers whom could be called upon by the national in the event that their administrations are required The advocate choose to help the NSTP office, which as of now utilizes the customary arrangement of giving data information dealing with where a few information are being postponed due to slow exchange. Goals of the Study The examination meant to build up a NSTP online data framework for Batangas State University. Uniquely, it endeavored to: 1. Reduce the time devoured by NSTP Director to know the data of the understudies took a crack at NSTP in all grounds of Batangas State University. 2. Structure an online data framework about the exercises and timetable of the NSTP class for the whole school year. 3. Unified and sort out all the data of enlisted NSTP understudies for each BatState-U grounds. 4. Keep up a progressively solid information as far as database the board 5. Build up a programmed report highlight of the framework to produce fitting reports required by the NSTP Director. Noteworthiness of the Study The examination is considered critical for its commitments to the accompanying: This investigation will reduce the time and exertion stretched out by the NSTP chiefs in social affair data structure the selected NSTP understudies in all grounds of Batangas State University. This will likewise give the data about the exercises, timetable, grades and the teacher of the NSTP class for the school year to the NSTP understudies. This will be of extraordinary apparatus to Batangas State University in observing all NSTP activity and administration. This investigation will likewise benefits the current examination for it will give an opportunity to additionally comprehend and become familiar with the details include in building up the arrangement of with related highlights. Degree and Limitation of the Study The advocates concentrated their examination on the improvement of NSTP data framework for Batangas State Unversity. The approved client of the framework are the executive or the NSTP chief, educator and understudies ass well. The NSTP director’s job is to give all reports include SR code of the understudies, area of NSTP administration. He may likewise include and erase course and spending plan for school year. The student’s job is to top off NSTP enrollment structure and view their timetable and grades. The instructor’s job is to give evaluations and set calendar to understudies. For the security of the site, username and secret word is required for the executive and the educators. They may changes their secret key; username. Secret key is constrained up to 45 variable charaters. All the approved client will be given a short direction about the framework to have the option to utilize it proficient and viably. It gives the likenesses and contrasts of the created framework and those surveys. The World Wide Web is an assortment of pages and different assets situated in web server PCs associated with site pages program situated in singular machine in which this machine additionally associated with the web. What make is a web is that the website pages impart their writer wants, and they associate perusers to different assets by joins. The connection in the website page can allude to another site page, a program, some other sort of record, are another method of communicating to the web, for example, Telnet and FTP. HTML has been reached out in another manners. To start with, new highlights has been added to later form of the language, including better help for outlines, segments, tables, and different arrangements. The most recent rendition of HTML is 4. 01, with 5. 0. Database handling frameworks are being utilized by increasingly more association with enormous, smaller than usual, and some microcomputer. Database preparing framework diminishes duplication of information and incorporates information so various information can get to it. Projects are non-autonomous on the arrangement of information and sort of optional stockpiling hard being utilized. Clients are given any injury of reaction ability, which permits them to effortlessly acquire program. At long last, control and security if information stockpiling in the database the board framework. â€Å"Computerize and Information System in Business† by James A. O’Brein. A programming language is a counterfeit language intended to communicate calculations that can be performed by a machine, especially a PC. Programming dialects can be utilized to make programs that control a conduct of machine, to communicate calculation exactly, or as a method of human correspondence. A data framework creates the data association s requirement for deciding, controlling activities, and yield. Information catches are gather crude information from inside association or from its outer condition. Preparing changes over this crude contribution to an increasingly important structure. Yield moves the handled data to the individuals. Data System additionally require criticism which is yield that is come back to suitable individuals from association to assist them with assessing or right information stage. A SR code is a remarkable, distinguishing numbers or gathering of numbers and letters appointed to an individual bit of equipment or programming. A sequential number for a bit of programming isn't generally equivalent to an item key however they are utilized at times conversely. Website composition is a wide term used to include how substance is conveyed to an end-client through the World Wide Web. The aim of website architecture is to make a site an assortment of online substance including records and application that live on web server/servers. A site may incorporate content, pictures, sounds and other substance, and possibly intelligent. Website composition includes the structure of the site including the data engineering, the format or the pages, and applied plan with marking. PC security is a part of a PC innovation referred to as data security as applied to PCs and systems. The object of PC security incorporates insurance of data and property from burglary, defilement of cataclysmic event, while permitting the data and property to stay available and profitable to its planned clients. The term PC framework security implies the aggregate procedures and system by which delicate And significant data and administrations are shielded from distribution, altering a breakdown by an approved exercises or conniving people and spontaneous occasions individually. The procedures and strategies of PC security frequently vary from most other PC advances on account of its somebody illusive goal of forestalling undesirable PC conduct. The advocate had research a few examinations that bolstered the created venture. The accompanying related examinations are: Jeanne R. Golfo (2006) planned a framework to create and execute an online data framework to Most Holy Rosary Parish for reservation which pushed the web client to effectively see the data about the congregation and to diminish the assignment of the agent with respect to the booking and dropping for marriage, sanctification, affirmation and demise mass. It contains various orders button like Contact Information, Display, History, Parish Priest, Church Organization, News and Events, Comments and Suggestions. The proposition â€Å"Online Company Document Report System† Which is proposition by Jonathan Walker tells about a specific company’s record report. This incorporates rundown and records of past and past related report especially in various segments of an organization, for example, their yearly deals and month to month spending plans. This detail can be gotten to by means of the web and has a restricted access for an organization work force just the outside office. The site is secured by secret phrase with the goal that unapproved individuals will most likely be unable to get to. They can just view different connections in the organization site. The postulation entitled Performance Evaluation for Faculty and Staff of De La Salle Lipa by Eric Ocampo. ,(2007) is an investigation that pre-owned web innovation to computerize the conventional arrangement of assessing the of staff and the organization. The investigation proposed to limit the utilized of paper and reduce the time expended when utilizing the conventional method of assessing which is manual. The examination is opportune and altogether for the most part due to the technology’s pattern. In this examination by Dalisay A. ,(2005) entitled â€Å" Network Based Faculty Performance Evaluation for Lyceum Institution of Technology†. This investigation expected to execute advance mechanical application

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History of Catering Industry Acient to Mordern free essay sample

Four Sandvik jumbos uncover India’s first underground raw petroleum stockpiling natural hollow Indian temporary worker Hindustan Construction Company Ltd is utilizing four Sandvik DT 820 underground drill apparatuses to build the country’s first underground unrefined petroleum stockpiling cave, at Vizag in southern India. Four Sandvik DT 820 underground large drill rigs are being utilized for the development of Indias first underground raw petroleum stockpiling cave, situated at Visakhapatnam in southern India, with two Sandvik DX 700 surface drill fixes additionally being utilized sidelining work in a similar site. The natural hollow is being developed under a Rs 375 crore (US$75. million) contract by Mumbai-based Hindustan Construction Company Ltd (HCC) for Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Limited, an auxiliary of the Oil Industry Development Board under the Petroleum Ministry. Situated at a slope named Dolphin’s Nose, the cave is being developed ashore havi ng a place with the Eastern Naval Command in Visakhapatnam (generally contracted to Vizag), and will have a capacity limit of 1. 33 million tons of rough. Vizag, situated on the east coast and thought about the eastern door to India, was chosen as the site since it has an enormous seaport for the import of oil. Contiguous the cave site is Southeast Asia’s first underground LPG stockpiling cave, charged early a year ago and which likewise utilized Sandvik jumbos during development. HCC started take a shot at the natural hollow in January of a year ago and is attempting to a three year plan. The agreement covers nitty gritty building and plan, underground exhuming, get to burrows, water window ornament displays, principle stockpiling caves, shafts and related underground thoughtful works. The contractor’s venture chief Ramana Rao says that there are two natural hollows for the capacity of the unrefined, both 30 m in stature and 20 m wide, together ith related burrowing. High-sulfur unrefined will be put away in one natural hollow. Complete length of the underground works is in excess of 3 km, and the measure of rock being exhumed is around 5 million tons. The floors of the caves are 60 m underneath mean ocean level, which implies that the activities are open by means of a slante d access shaft at ground level, however with the slope over the site arriving at a rise of 130 m, two enormous shafts have been sunk to house the working hardware for the natural hollow. Mr Rao says that the stone layers is khondalite, a type of sandstone that finishes a circular segment India’s southern and eastern states and which has been utilized all through the subcontinent’s history for design development and ornamentation. HCC is utilizing the four Sandvik jumbos all the while for a significant part of the time, as the boring and impacting is being embraced on a few fronts. â€Å"Our coordinations are intended to flexibly power and water to four headings all the while, and to expel the shake and do the shotcreting,† he says. The four Sandvik machines are along these lines working inside this cycle. † The jumbos are boring at any rate 150 gaps for every shoot cycle, at profundities of between 2 m and 4 m, contingent upon the segment of the natural hollow on which they are working. It takes on normal two minutes to bore one opening, with the gaps intently following the passage profile. With a passage profile of 11 x 8 m gaps are stuffe d with a sum of 480 kg of explosives. A 10 x 8 m profile requires 473 kg, and a 8 x 8 m profile needs 365 kg. The penetrating per impact cycle takes around six hours, and rock shooting is all the while being attempted from a crate fixed to the enormous. When the penetrating is finished, the jumbos are moved out of the passage where they are washed down after each boring movement. With the impacting and rock evacuation complete, the jumbos are moved go into position for the following cycle. Mr Rao says that with work continuing 24 hours per day, the creation cycle permits three blastings to be done during a two-day time span, and that each impact progresses the work by 3. 5 to 3. 8 m. HCC’s venture mechanical designer Kaushal Kumar Sharma says that the machines are hosed down at the washing region close to the entrance shaft, and that standard support is attempted once per week. â€Å"We review the hoses and linkages and the boring apparatus, and oil and grease up the machines. Our own staff do this, however Sandvik has an on location nearness and works intimately with our support and working groups. † The jumbos were provided to HCC by Sandvik India, whose senior designer on location, Harish Pokharkar, says that extra parts are provided by means of the company’s Pune home office. The two Sandvik DX 700 surface drill rigs are being utilized around the two natural hollow shafts, where they are embraced vertical boring for the seats that are being cut into the slope. Mr Pokharkar says that the two machines are fitted with 45 mm R32 boring tools, with a R 38 shank connector and R 38 and R 32 stray bars. â€Å"The DX 700s are boring down to profundities of 21 m,† he says. â€Å"We have a crushing office for the boring tools introduced at the site, and we have recorded that by pounding we are accomplishing 30 percent additional existence with the bits. We have additionally discovered that machine accessibility has been marginally more than 96 percent for each month. † The unrefined petroleum natural hollow at Vizag is one of three such caves arranged by the Indian government, with a capacity limit of 5,000,000 . Two different natural hollows will be at Mangalore and Padur, with the unrefined intended to go about as a cradle in case of crises or distur bances in gracefully. Every one of the three tasks will be operational by 2012. Box The Sandvik DT 820 is a two-blast electro water driven gigantic for quick and exact boring in burrowing and sinkhole removal of 12 to 110 m2 cross segments. It is furnished with a HLX5 rock drill and a TB 90 general blast, which gives an enormous ideal molded inclusion and full programmed parallelism. The blasts can likewise be utilized for cross-cutting and jolt opening penetrating. A discretionary container blast for shooting and utility works is accessible. The four-wheel-drive focus explained transporter guarantees fast and safe tramming with great parity. Closures SAND109A. doc FOOTNOTE TO EDITORS This public statement is accessible on the Joem Promotions website:www. joempr. om Issued for the benefit of Sandvik Mining and Construction by Joem Promotions. For additional subtleties please contact: John Hooperor Nina Lehtonen Joem Promotions Sandvik Mining and Const The Court Yard, Sondes Road Pihtisulunkatu 9, Deal Kent CT14 7BW UK P O Box 100 SF-33311 Tampere Finland Tel:+44 (0)1304 368688 Tel: +358205444059 Fax:+44 (0)1304 375181 Fax: +358205444533 email: john. hooper @joempr. evil presence. co. uk email:nina. [emailprotected] com

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Socio-Economic Status of Slum Dwellers

Financial Status of Slum Dwellers Free Online Research Papers The examination locale is civil territory arranged in dist. Pratapgarh, which destinations in Gangetic plain in UP. It spreads more than 12 km2 with absolute populace of 71999 people. In the period of urbanization in creating nations like India, the ghettos resemble white spot on the body which is brought about by lopsided advancement. To sift through the urban issues, financial investigation of the city is vital and on the off chance that we need to have clean urban communities in not so distant future, the investigations of ghettos are significant as well as. In this way an example zone has been arbitrarily taken for the financial investigation. The parameters for boundary ghettos are water gracefully condition, sanitation and street, work, lodging condition, adequate living zone. To summarize, the examination uncovers that a specific station dwells in a specific ghetto and these positions are identified with either Pal or Harijan and Muslims. The ghettos need with water, sanitation, street office and it likewise means that the ghetto occupants are unconscious of projects propelled by the Government. Pratapgarh District, perhaps the most seasoned area of UP, which appeared in the year 1858, is arranged in eastern piece of UP. As indicated by JNU’s improvement list dependent on financial rural, Pratapgarh remains in last class. So it is a lacking region. Pratapgarh region celebrated for its Aonla and individuals gives nom de plume â€Å"AONLA NAGRI†. The region, which structures from a piece of Faizabad division, is named after it headquarter town Bela Pratapgarh usually known as Pratapgarh. At the point when region was comprised in 1858 it’s headquarter set up at Bela which come to know as Bela Pratapgarh. The name Bela probably being gotten from the sanctuary of â€Å"Bela Bhawani†, destinations on the bank of waterway SAI. The investigation area regions headquarter; Bela Pratapgarh is arranged at Allahabad-Faizabad national parkway no. 96, a ways off of 39 km from Sultanpur and 60 km from Allahabad. Bela Pratapgarh city is an auxiliary town and spreads more than 12 km2 with all out populace of 71999 people (according to 2001 evaluation). It is city region, which is isolated in 25 wards up until this point. In complete populace of Bela Pratapgarh, level of OBC populace is 31.58% and SC is 7.97%. The level of male and female populace is 52.67% and 47.32%. The SEX proportion of Bela Pratapgarh is 898 which are very lower than the area proportion (1004) and education rate is 71.039% which is higher than the locale proficiency proportion (58.67 percent). In Bela Pratapgarh, male proficiency rate 77.03 percent followed by female 64.36 percent and area male education rate 74.61 percent followed by female education rate 42.63 percent. The Study Area: Study region of ghettos spread in everywhere throughout the city in little fixes. In 1997 District Urban Development Agency (DUDA) was balanced out and DUDA has announced 3 ghetto territories, these enlisted ghettos are Patkohli, Padawa and Karanpur. In any case, there are some unregistered ghetto zones like Azadnagar, Khuskhuswapur, Pitai-ka-purwa, Bholiapur and so forth. Among these ghetto regions Patkoli ward is biggest ghetto region with the 160 families. In Patkoli ward ghetto territory is found in 3 patches-Ziriyamau, Patkoli and Bela Ghat; Pitai-ka-purwa with 2 patches-pitai-ka-purwa and nai-basti. Other ghetto zones have 30 to 60 family units. Ward-name Basti name No of family units Patkoli ziriyamau, patkoli, bela gaht 160 Aspatal ward Azadnagar 60 Bali Pur Khuskhuswapur 35 Pitai ka Purwa Nai basit, unadulterated pitai 60 Padawa harizen basti 30 Karanpur Karanpur 35 Bholiapur Bholiapur 25 Target of the Study: Every resident has the privilege to live in a decent day to day environment with work, wellbeing and different offices. On the off chance that any region left lacking, makes emergency in the method of wrongdoing, unsocial exercises, uneducated and unconscious people, low-level day to day environment, insufficient lodging condition, unmoral residents and undesirable youngsters with the unfortunate eventual fate of city and nation. Presently governments mindful of the ghetto Basties of urban communities and propelled numerous projects to improve the state of ghetto inhabitants and his capability. In any case, the game doesn't finished, generally observed that unregistered ghettos site over Urban Fringe zone or at inward outskirt of city, as a result of exceptional spatial condition strategies never forced its impact in undeniable from. In city zone, which is characterized by the district region, plans take as much time as is needed to deliver its effects. Since, ghettos are available before the executions of advancement plans; subsequently numerous issues remain before city and the residents in type of wrongdoing, viciousness, neediness and so forth. These causes additionally exist in the investigation region. The goal behind the investigation focused on to assess the financial condition and to get to the effect of government programs upon ghetto tenants of Pratapgarh City (Bela). Technique: Every city has two sorts of ghetto territories for example enrolled and unregistered. The parameters for dividing the ghetto are water flexibly condition, sanitation and street, lodging condition. From that point forward, to consider the financial status, an arbitrary inspecting technique has been embraced. For the study and test assortment, a poll has been readied and entryway to entryway study has been finished. Since, Patakoli ward has enormous number of family units, along these lines, around there 20 families were arbitrarily chosen for the examination and in different territories 8 family units have haphazardly taken. To assess the state of occupants, focus propensity strategy is utilized. Societal position: In Bela Pratapgarh, ghetto tenants are Hindus (64.44 percent) and Muslims (35.64 percent). In the all out populace of ghetto tenants OBC with 57.14 percent, are in lion's share trailed by SC with 33.65 percent and General with 9.2 percent. Religion CATEGORY PERCENTAGE HINDU GENERAL 2.955 OBC 47.783 SC 49.261 MUSLIM GENERAL 20.595 OBC 74.107 SC 5.357 Among Hindus, SC populace is 49.261 percent and followed by OBC with 47.783 percent and General with 2.955 percent. In Muslims, OBC populace is in lion's share with 74.107 percent followed by General 20.595 percent and SC with 5.357 percent. In ghetto regions sex proportion is 944 is more prominent than the Bela Pratapgarh sex proportion (898) and State sex proportion (898) yet lower than region sex proportion (1004). In ghetto zones Hindus sex proportion (1071) is higher than Muslim sex proportion (778). Proficiency: The general education rate in ghetto regions is 56 percent with male and female education 65 percent and 46 percent against 71.039 percent in Bela Pratapgarh with male and female education 77.03 percent and 64.36 percent. Education pace of ghetto regions, close to region rate (58.67 percent) and UP state rate (57.36 percent) yet it lower than the National rate (64.8 percent). The male education pace of ghetto regions 65 percent is very lower to area rate (74.61 percent), national rate (75.8 percent) and state rate (70.23 percent) however female proficiency rate 46 percent is close to region rate (42.63 percent), state rate (42.98 percent) and brings down than the national proportion (53.7 percent). In ghetto regions Primary taught people are in larger part with 60.71 percent followed by Madhyamic (28.27 percent), Inter (5.089 percent), Graduate (2.68 percent) and Post-Graduate (1.071 percent). The professional prepared people are 1.09 percent. Pay: Total working individuals level of ghetto inhabitants is close about 24.14 percent. Among these people, 60 percent individuals don't have the foggiest idea about the idea of day’s work. The normal of working day in a month remains between 16 to 20 days. Over all normal pay of ghetto inhabitants is very lower with 13.03 Rs daily/individual against the urban neediness line, which is close around 17 Rs. Normal salary of a working people 55.98 Rs for accomplishing work 7 hour and 36 min in a day, which is very lower than the UP Government guideline. Lodging condition: In ghetto regions lodging conditions are found in an exceptionally poor position. In test territory 46.34 percent of Kchcha houses made by mud, plastic and bamboo, 21.95 percent of Pakkaa houses made by blocks and 31.71 percent houses made by mud and blocks which have larger part Kachcha and littler part Pakka. In this way, 78 percent of family units face issue of lodging. Sanitation, Water, Road and Health: In ghetto territory sanitation and street office are absolutely inaccessible, for instance with the exception of karanpur, ziriyamau, ptakholi, bela ghat, padava have Kaccha street and azad nagar, khuskuswapur, nai basati and pitai ka purwa have Kharanja street. In these territories drinking water offices absolutely inaccessible, aside from Azadnagar, in other ward water source is well or government hand siphon, at per 25 families. Additionally in Azadnagar drinking water offices absolutely inaccessible and tenants get drinking water from hand-siphons of rich neighbors. In different regions, if there is water gracefully, its condition is poor. For the most part water gracefully pipes are soaked in channel water. Henceforth, the water can not be utilized being coal dark. In ghetto region toilet offices are in poor condition, just 20% families have own restrooms and other 80% uses the open grounds. The wastages of family units dump by householder close to the open land or the way. To the extent, the all out condition of ghettos doesn't great, in every one of these regions youngsters are experiencing viral contaminations, bubbles, fever and so on for ever. Social Activities: - In wrongdoing, brutality and corruption ghetto territories are driving bit of the city. In study region viciousness appears as squabble, battle or maltreatment in home with spouse, youngsters, guardians and so on or with the neighbors. The day life of the tenants beginning and end with the squabble and it happens as a result of drinking alcohol. Indecency can be found through betting. A sentence advised by an elderly person to me in zriyamau about the betting, squeezed me a great deal. He told, â€Å"He bhaiya agar in nanha-nanha larikan ka juaa chudawai detya tau enkar kalyan hoi jaatai.†(If you can get away from more youthful Boys from betting, at that point they would have a decent existence). In these regions a few families are drifters. Po

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Iron Jawed Angels Essay - 594 Words

This film was dramatic and inspiring. This film opened my eyes to understand the struggles that woman have gone through to get the freedoms that they experience today. I would have to say that one of the definite strengths of this film was the cast itself. Because of the nature of this film, I could get a real sense of the actual â€Å"suffering† of these women. I would have to admit that I was completely ignorant on how this suffrage movement has literally shaped the voting rights of women in America. All my life I have heard about that great day when women were granted the right to vote. Never in a million years did I expect to witness such hostility towards women according to this dramatization based on American history. Actress†¦show more content†¦The costumes were convincing, the make up, the set designs, and the backdrops, were extremely impressive. One of the most memorable aspects of this movie was the emotional indifferences between Alice Paul and her best friend Lucy Barnes. Lucy expressed a lot of sentiments of being lonely and wanting to start a family in the middle of the struggle. I found great appreciation for this aspect of the film because it shows the emotional and softer side of these women. There was another character in this film that I felt was most dramatic, and that was Inez Milholland (Julia Ormond). She was a radical, strong, deviant-thinking, and outside of the box type of woman. Her character really gave this film a hero, other than Alice Paul of course. The only weakness that I found with this film was during the beginning of the suffrage parade the soundtrack was not consistent with the time period. I would recognize this genre of music as hip hop or some type of cotemporary music. This music was jarring to me being that this film attempted to depict a movement dating back to the 1800’s. There was another character in this film by the name of Emily Leighton which was the wife of a senator. There was one scene in the film that is worth mentioning in this evaluation. Lucy Barnes asked Emily Leighton if she wanted to volunteer to help women gain the right to vote for equal rights. Emily Leighton replies â€Å"IShow MoreRelatedIron Jawed Angels Essay640 Words   |  3 Pageswere seen working in factories or as teachers but they had no say in the government. Thanks to a few women dedicated to making a difference, women have become more independent and now have a say in the government if they choose too. The movie Iron Jawed Angels depicts a group of women who wanted women to have a voice in politics. First thing they had to do was get women the right to vote. Alice Paul and Lucy Burns were the two leaders of the NWP (National Womans Party). The two women are an inspirationRead MoreEssay On The Iron Jawed Angels1418 Words   |  6 PagesEverything they worked hard for did not belong to them but to their father or husband. The fight started gradually until it grew stronger later in the 1900s. With the help of great leaders, they could be more powerful on a state-to-state basis. The Iron Jawed Angels is a movie that was released in 2004. It was set in the 1910s and focuses on the major flaw of women’s suffrage. Directed by Katja von Garneir, the drama film depicts two women activists, Alice Paul (Hilary Swank) and Lucy Burns (Frances O’ Connor)Read MoreIron Jawed Angels2588 Words   |  11 PagesTitle: Summary, Reaction, and Analysis Paper #1: Iron-Jawed Angels Iron Jawed Angels is a story of two women fighting for women’s rights. They led the struggle for the passage of the 19th amendment to the constitution which gave women the right to vote. These two women along with others petitioned, campaigned, and picketed to publicize the issue. After being arrested for â€Å"traffic violations† a group of women spent time in Occoquan Workhouse. Here they went on a hunger strike to protestRead More Iron Jawed Angels Essays546 Words   |  3 PagesIron Jawed Angels Iron Jawed Angels is a film which portrays the womens suffrage movement during the 1920s. The film is a documentary and a drama which uses live action and music to deliver the sympathetic and distressful mood the film creates. An example of the distressful mood is when the suffragists refuse to eat when they go to prison. This shows how passionate and distressed the suffragists are to get the 19th amendment passed, which would give women the right to vote. The films messageRead MoreIron Jawed Angels: Film Analysis1302 Words   |  5 PagesIron Jawed Angels is the moving 2004 film that highlights how Alice Paul and Lucy Burns fought for womens suffrage. In the film, director Katja von Garnier, follows these women and the efforts they put forth as members of the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) and later the work they did as founders of the National Womans Party (NWP). The film showcases the trials that Alice Paul and Lucy Burns had to overcome, not just from oppo sition found within NAWSA, but also among societyRead MoreIron Jawed Angels By Katja Von Garnier1651 Words   |  7 Pages Iron Jawed Angels, by Katja von Garnier, is a non-fictional drama about a group of women who do everything they can and will do in order to the women’s right to vote during the years between 1912 and 1920, as it was started by Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and many others in 1890. Alice Paul and Lucy Burns, two of the younger women suffragists, join the NAWSA (the National American Woman Suffrage Association) to try to push for the constitutional amendment for women’s suffrage. CarrieRead MoreTime Periods Represented in The Kid and Iron Jawed Angels1318 Words   |  6 Pagessince then with the addition of not only color and audio, but new techniques and new ideas. Both The Kid and Iron Jawed Angels are very popular films about the early 1900’s. Although they share some common thoughts, but because they were made in two complete ly different time periods their focuses are far off from one another and their ideas contrast for the most part. Iron Jawed Angels is an HBO film that was released in 2004 about the American women’s suffrage movement. The movie is set in AmericaRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie Iron Jawed Angels By Martin Luther King Jr930 Words   |  4 Pagesamong black and white people. In Dr. Kings essay â€Å"Three ways of Responding to Oppression, he clearly states three ways to deal with oppression. Dr. King believed the best defense against oppression being that of nonviolent resistance. The film Iron Jawed Angels (IJA) is also great example of oppression with the struggle to women rights in the United States. Mr. King stated that there are three ways of oppression that oppressed people deal with, acquiescence, physical violence, and nonviolent resistanceRead MoreIron Jawed Angels : A Film That Portrays The Cruelty And Brutality Woman Faced1326 Words   |  6 PagesIron Jawed Angels is a film that portrays the cruelty and brutality woman faced throughout the Suffrage movement in the 1900s and the Women faced many issues, but some accepted inequality while others waited patiently as asked to for years. Alice Paul and Lucy burns took a stand and stroke up determination within women. Women who were a part of the movement were referred to as suffragists who stood up to the law and asked for the right to vote. They faced many obstacles such as verbal and physicalRead MoreEssay on Impossible is Nothing: One Woman, One Vote911 Words   |  4 Pagespresent information about wars and the passing of importance legislation, however there remains prominent gaps in our understanding of women suffrage for equality--a war that had been going on for half a century. Jennifer Friedess story Iron Jawed Angels produced by Katja von Garnier, underscores the struggle and grief that women suffragists endured, along with providing the viewer with an in-depth understanding of the events, consequences and heroic actions of the activists of the 1920s womens

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The Theory Of International Relations - 1402 Words

There are different theory of how international relations should operate, such as Liberalism, Realism, Marxism, Constructivism, the English school often called the international society, Feminism, Green theory, Hegemonic stability theory, Postmodernism and Post colonialism. This essay will be focus on realism and how relevant the realist perspective is in the 21st century international relations. Historically, Realism is the most important approach to discipline of international relations (Nicholson, 2002). The origins of realism can be traced all the way back to â€Å"Thucydides the chronicler of the Peloponnesian war† (Griffiths, O’Callaghan, and Roach, 2007). Realism is a dominant school of thought in the theory of international relations and for conceptualizing world politics, it is a highly diverse body of thought. Several past philosophers such as Plato, Niccolà ³ Machiavelli, Thomas Hobbes, Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin and Max Weber, were also regraded as realist (Griffiths, O’Callaghan, and Roach, 2007). Jà ¸rgensen (2010) hold the view that the congenializing of realism was in Europe, it emulates the 19th century European â€Å"REALPOLITIK†. Although the theory of realism was born in Europe it was adapted in the United states of America where it has become a dominant tradition. Realism is also one of the most important theory in internationa l politics, it describes the relations between states and how international politics works. Realist are unified by the believe that conflict isShow MoreRelatedInternational Relation Theory And International Relations Theory1395 Words   |  6 PagesInternational relation theories can be used to explain the meanings of the songs and articles. Through music, the international relation theories can relate to the hidden messages about the song through the language. The two theories that best explain the songs, Imagine by John Lennon and Only Prettier by Miranda Lambert are neoliberalism and constructivism. Neoliberalism is an international relations theory in which, states cooperate together to reach a common goal. There is also the belief thatRead MoreA Theory Of International Relations Essay1100 Words   |  5 PagesTheory, in general has various meanings in Social Sciences, most in particular in, International Relations. That is the term â€Å"Theory† can be defined in various ways and means. Simply put, theory can be defined as a concept of explaining something. Furthermore, theory can be defined as a series of propositions about political behaviour inductively derived either from empirical studies or the comparative examination of case materials from the past (Akinboye Ottoh, 2005). It can also be defined asRead MoreThe Theory Of International Relations1535 Words   |  7 PagesWhen studying International Relations, there are various theories involved, three of these theories being: realism, liberalism, and constructivism. A theory is fundamentally ideas and complex con cepts that have their own way of understanding something. These theories are used in evaluating world politics, by coming up with a unique way of identifying and explaining the events that occur around the world (Mingst 5). The theories help explain different perspectives on how the world system functions;Read MoreThe Theory Of International Relations Essay1384 Words   |  6 Pagesgroups around the world, the international orders emerged to set how states relates to each other based on the amount of power that they have and the interests they share at different moments of the history. With the evolution of societies, international orders changes because of a major clash between great powers where it is necessary a zero sum situation. To explain this, the paradigms of international relations will be the main tool. The rise of an international order is a result of the accumulationRead MoreThe Theories of International Relations2314 Words   |  10 PagesINTRODUCTION The theories of international relations are the end results of good international relations and system in the world today, most of this theories are not well implemented in most countries which has resulted on conflicts among nations, political instabilities, secessions and all other political unrest. This essay will shed more light on the phases of international relations from the individual stage to the international stage. Firstly, this essay will explain what the theories of internationalRead MoreMarxist Theories Of International Relations903 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Since the Cold War came to an end and capitalism stood victorious, it was generally accepted that the ideas of Marx could be declared irrelevant. Marx’s theories were excessively concerned with the role of economics in defining social and political relations. These were also exceedingly pessimistic in their approach, offering hardly any viable option to replace the capitalist system. The core principle of Marxism is that the world is divided not into politically determined nations butRead MoreThe Realist Theory Of International Relations1545 Words   |  7 Pagesviolence through civilians and changing the regime. However, unlike other interventions in international area, it was quick and sudden. Therefore it was obvious that other than providing good life conditions to Libyan people, there were also other purposes of the coalition states through Libya’s rich resources. Realism theory On the realist theory of International Relations, the basic assumption of this theory is that states in their foreign affairs, must pursue power, and ensure that they act rationallyRead MoreComparison of International Relations Theory1788 Words   |  8 PagesContemporary international relations is a complex field. Understanding events and attempting to make sense of them can be a daunting task. There are, however, tools available, which can assist in providing clarity to these complex issues. The first of these tools is historic knowledge. Without historic background of an issue, it is nearly impossible to understand the events driving that issue in modern times. A second tool, the one which will be the focus of this paper, is international relations theoryRead MoreThe International Relations Theory That Best2071 Words   |  9 PagesThe international relations theory that best explains Operation Provide Comfort would be the constructivist theory. However, Turkey’s inv olvement in the operation may also be explained through subaltern realism. The fact that the nations that comprised the coalition, save for Turkey, conducting Operation Provide Comfort went through the official channel of the UN shows that the intention was to act within the norms of the international community for conducting humanitarian interventions. Had theRead MoreGames Theory in International Relations2695 Words   |  11 PagesGAMES THEORY IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 1.0 INTRODUCTION The field of game theory came into being with Émile Borel s researches in his 1938 book ‘Applications aux Jeux des Hazard’, and was followed by the 1944 book ‘Theory of Games and Economic Behaviour’ by John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern. This theory was developed extensively in the 1950s by many scholars. Game theory was later explicitly applied to biology in the 1970s, although similar developments go back at least as far as the

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My Life With Mental Illnesses - 1655 Words

Autobiography I was born and raised in Kingston Jamaica in an area full of crime and less fortunate people. Growing up, I’ve seen a lot of people with undiagnosed mental illnesses. I’ve seen where there were no resources for people who were in need of food and clothes. Because of the poverty in the environment I grew up in, the crime rate was beyond control. Most of my family lived in what they called a tenement yard. A tenement yard in Jamaica is where a group of close relatives live and share the same yard. I lived in a house in a tenement yard with my mother, stepfather, half-sister and my half-brother. I also have four other half-sisters on my father side, two of them were born and raised in Jamaica in a similar environment like the†¦show more content†¦She taught us how to pray. My grandmother had 13 children and my mother is her second to last child with a different father from her other children. My mother father (grandfather) had seven children. With this large fami ly, I have lots of aunts, uncles, Brown 2 grand aunts, grand uncles, and countless numbers of cousins from different generations. Some of us are very close and know each other while some of us are distant and doesn’t communicate. We used to go to the country in the summer and on Easter break to spend time with my family on my mom father side of family. My childhood experiences has taught me a lot about family. The experience of living in the same yard has taught me to stick by my family no matter what. Even though food and clothes were scarce, my family would share with each other and if one person has food, then we all would ate. We learned to utilize and appreciate the little we did have. Things weren’t as civilized in my neighborhood, but I learned to appreciate the smallest things and be grateful for what we did have. My life experiences from my childhood has shaped my desire to go into social work. I believe that I could use some of my personal experiences to help others in this world. Some of my relatives suffers from mental illnesses and has no resources to get the help they need. They received no treatment and some of them eventually wereShow MoreRelated Mental Illness Essay1144 Words   |  5 PagesMental Illness Mental illness is an issue that hits extremely close to home. Both of my uncles on my fathers side developed schizophrenia in their 20’s. One of them, upon being diagnosed, committed suicide. This happened before I was born, but the fall-out is still visible in my family. The other now lives in a home for those with mental illness. He is on medication, which helps with many of the symptoms, and has been an important pillar in my life. There is a fair chance that either my brotherRead MorePersonal Statement On Child Abuse958 Words   |  4 PagesOur life experiences play a large role in shaping who we are as people. My childhood experiences influenced the woman that I am today. My father was abusive. He abused my mother, my siblings, and myself. Whether it was a domestic assault against my mother, slapping of my siblings, or a daily cursing session, our house has always been in turmoil. There were adults that knew about the abuse going on in my home, including teachers. Howeve r, none of them intervened for my brothers and I. I cannot helpRead MoreMental Illness : The World Of Sexually Transmitted Disease1266 Words   |  6 Pagesexperience mental illness in a given year† (â€Å"Mental Health By the Numbers†). Mental illness is something not to take lightly. In my personal experience, mental illness can be life-changing. My older sister suffered from serious depression, and still suffers from anxiety. To find out how many levels of psychiatric symptoms I have and what that means to society and people like me, I tested on a set of symptoms suggested by Walter Gove and Michael Geerken (1977) (Lauer and Lauer 2014: 389). My test isRead MoreBirth Defects in differenct Cultures1229 Words   |  5 PagesSince the 1960s, the federal government introduced ways that mentally ill patients could live outside a mental hospital, where they were confined from the general public, and live a normal life. Many communities and mental centers were built to allow continuous and efficient care for those patients from their homes. Yet, the question remains whether or not the whole world has accepted mental illnesses. Many believe that the mentally ill should be hidden from society out of shame and humiliation, butRead MoreMental Illness And Its Effects1052 Words   |  5 Pagesnor forgiving: mental illness. Mental illness is something that I, and millions of others, live with daily. While it can and often does prove to be an obstacle in life, it can also be a valuable learning experience. Because it affects so many people, I believe that mental illness should no longer be something that is swept under a rug. Instead, I think mental illness should be something that is respected and talked about with the tenacity that any physical illness is. Those with mental illness are notRead MoreEssay about What Is Abnormal Psychology? What Is Normal Psychology?1141 Words   |  5 Pages nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;What is Psychology? In my research of Psychology and its meaning I have come up with many definitions. To sum all of the definitions into one it’s the study ones feelings, thoughts, and their way of thinking and using all of there senses rather its cognitive, physical, or mental. Some other questions that came to mind during my research are what is normal psychology and what is abnormal psychology? nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;What is normal psychology? Most peopleRead MoreMental Illness Is Defined At The Federal Level1130 Words   |  5 Pages Mental disorders can affect individuals in different ways. They can cause changes in an individual’s mood, behavior, and especially in their thoughts. This can greatly affect how an individual might relate to others, and also factor into the life choices that they make. Individuals who suffer from severe mental illnesses (SMI’s) are at a greater disadvantage than other individuals. Severe mental illness is defined at the federal level as â€Å"having, at any time during the past year, a diagnosableRead MoreThe Problem Of Depression And Anxiety Disorders1527 Words   |  7 Pagesconcerns college students face today are financial difficulties and lack of sleep. But upon closer inspection the main predicament comes into focus; mental illness. Mental illnesses detriment students immensely, with about ninety-two percent of college students suffering from some form of mental illness. The two most common occurring mental illnesses are depression and anxiety disorders. Ne arly twenty-seven percent of students experience some form of depression, which takes away all motivation toRead MoreBipolar : A Mental Illness1692 Words   |  7 PagesOne of my closest friends during my undergraduate career has a mental illness called bipolar. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, bipolar is defined as a chronic mental illness that causes a range of different shifts in mood, energy, activity occurrence, and the ability to function and carry out the day to day tasks (National Institute of Mental Health, 2016). Bipolar disorder is also known as a manic depressive illness due to the shifts in mood. People with bipolar often experienceRead MoreEssay on Suicide as Escape from Reality1315 Words   |  6 Pagesthe trends of suicide have continued to increase. Although this trend of suicide has many causes and can be difficult to know what the exact source is, the number one cause of suicides is untreated depression which may result from a mental healt h problem, personal life issues, or even genetic and family history. According to Befrienders, suicide rates have increased 60% over the past 45 years. Suicide rates can be divided among many different categories such as race, religion, gender, and age.

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Case Analysis of Lyons V Queensland Free Sample for Students

Question: Analysis the Case of Lyons v Queensland. Answer: Lyons v Queensland [2016] HCA 38 The case has recently been in limelight as it involved contradiction of two statues. The plaintiff in this case was a deaf woman who was not allowed to serve as a jury based on her impairment. The woman had filed a claim based on direct and indirect disability discrimination in the Queensland court. the plaintiff in spite of her disability was a good lip reader but only required an Auslan interpreter when she communicated with people not knowing Auslan[1]. She was not given a chance to be the juror by the deputy registrar based on section 4(3)(1) of the Jury Act 1995[2]. According to the section people having physical or mental disability which would come between their works were not allowed to be jurors. The application of the plaintiff was based on the provisions of The Anti-discrimination Act 1991 (Qld)[3]. According to the legislation the employers are not allowed to discriminate between individuals based on their disabilities. The application was rejected by the Queensland court and hence the plaintiff filed an appeal in the Queensland court of appeal. The QCA also rejected the claim of the plaintiff which was further put up at the High court. The question before the court was to decide whether the actions of the deputy registrar in relation to not allowing the plaintiff to serve as a juror accounted to unlawful discrimination or not. The rule of law which the decision of the court was based on the common law provision was that the jury must be kept separate. The court held that allowing the plaintiff an interpreter would cause the presence of an extra person in the jury room whose presence could influence the decision of the jury irrespective of the persons participation in the decision making process. The court ruled that the members of the jury have freedom to speak only to fellow jurors and not any third person and they are accountable to the overall decision of the jury. Therefore presence of a third person cannot be allowed by the court. The court also rejected the application of the plaintiff based on Section 54(1) of the Jury Act. The plaintiff claimed that the section extends to granting leave to an interpreter. The court rejected the claim of the plaintiff suggesting that the rule is subjected to exceptions with respect to officers who are in charge of duty. It was provided by the GAGELER J. in this case that one of the major functions of the jurors with respect to the jury act was to communicate with fellow jurors privately so that a verdict can be given. A person who is requires an interpreter to communicate with the fellow jurors does not have the capacity to effectively perform her duties under the provisions of Section 4(3)(1) of the Jury Act. The judge ruled with respect to the claim of the plaintiff in relation to discrimination that the deputy registrar did not breach Section 101 of the Anti-discrimination Act not allowing a person to sit in a jury because of incapacity is not discrimination under the ADA. The ADA has the purpose of establishing equality and abolishing discrimination in specified areas of activity however there are exceptional areas where the discrimination act does not apply[4]. The area of implementing state laws and state programs are given in part 4 through Section 101 in the ADA. According the the section an individual who performs an exercise or function under state government programs or state law and has responsibility of administrating the conduct of state law and government program must not do any discrimination with respect to performance of such function, exercise of power and carrying out responsibilities. The judge held that the prohibition of the plaintiff by the registrar to act as a juror was not in relation to any function as described in section 101. The deputy registrar did so in order to carry out her responsibilities with respect to the jury act by attempting to give effect to Section 4(3)(1) of thee legislation. The judge in addition referred to section 106 of the ADA according to which a person was entitled take a course of action which is necessary to do or is authorized by any provisions of a separate legislation. Thus the high court dismissed the appeal against the decision of QCA. The decision made by the court is not only disappointing in relation to disability rights but it has also highlighted the disability of the High court to handle direct contradictory dispute between two legislations of the same state[5]. The courts in this case choose to suppress the ADA by prevailing the provisions of the Jury Act. In the case the conflict between the two legislations were only acknowledged by Gageler J. in his separate judgment. However there may be various comments on the judgment but apparently it was seen that the court disregarded the ADA. With respect to matters relating to discrimination the judgment is going to have significant impact on future cases. The success rate of discrimination claims in Australia is significantly low and the judgment would do no good for its enhancement[6]. Socially the judgment would be a huge discourage factor for the people suffering with disabilities. The public will get the apprehension that discrimination legislations have no relevance in the court and the other legislations would always prevail over them. On the other hand the judgment ensured that no compromise is done with the procedure of the court proceedings. The judgment ensured the common law rule that the judiciary must be kept separate even though the presence of the interpreter would have practically had no impact on the decision of the judges. The decision also shows the inconsistence in statutory law which is one of the reasons for choosing it over common law. The courts along with the parliament must ensure that there ar e no future conflict between legislations as such situation not only create confusion for the judges but also increase the hardship for the parties to the suit. References Bryan, Michael, et al.A Sourcebook on Equity and Trusts in Australia. Cambridge University Press, 2016. Dietrich, Joachim, and Pauline Ridge.Accessories in Private Law. Cambridge University Press, 2016. Lyons v Queensland [2016] HCA 38 The Anti-discrimination Act 1991 (Qld). The Jury Act 1995 Yuile, Andrew. "The latest from the high court."LSJ: Law Society of NSW Journal29 (2016): Lyons v Queensland [2016] HCA 38 The Jury Act 1995 The Anti-discrimination Act 1991 (Qld). Yuile, Andrew. "The latest from the high court."LSJ: Law Society of NSW Journal29 (2016): 94. Bryan, Michael, et al.A Sourcebook on Equity and Trusts in Australia. Cambridge University Press, 2016. Dietrich, Joachim, and Pauline Ridge.Accessories in Private Law. Cambridge University Press, 2016.